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A Fresh Start

Its an open secret that i am already on my way out of Saint Michaels College to pursue my Postulancy with the La Salle Brothers.  I got varying degree of reactions. Some protested. Some welcomes the thought others are skeptical worse some have eye browse raised.

Yes, my friends. I am set to enter the Brothers Formation House in May 15, 2010.

The theme of SMC set for SY 2010 – 2011, BEYOND BEGINNINGS is very personal to me. I am proud to be a Michaelite nor have i the intention to leave my alma mater as it is on its way to its serious bid of becoming a University on or before 2014.

I believe what i have started in 2007 with the community extension office and how it has spurned to the way it is today is part and parcel of God’s transition plans to me.

Officially, Mr. Joseph Michael Bentoy is now being groomed and prepared to take on the challenge to steward my baby, the MOTHER IGNACIA CENTER FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.  With it are all the programs and the new programs all set to continue in making difference in Iligan City.

Beginning this June 2010, the MiCSR will transform itself from being a sheep now to a shepherd.  It is grounded on the conviction that the Center is now the leading institution for social transformation in the city of Iligan.  The Center believes in the need to ensure every social concern is taken cared of and addressed with firm resolution anchored on faith, excellence and service.

My dear Michaelites, thank you for the 3 years of great journey of fun, faith, friendship and fellowship.

May we all keep her blue and her white standard fly!

Let us pray for each other.

Till we all meet again!

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