1st Gawad Kalinga Builders Night

Bringing our heart for the poor gives us many reasons to serve our fellowmen. It’s a challenging task to DO what is needed and opening windows of HOPE for our less fortunate, and reawakening opportunities for those who can share.

Last July 31, 2010 was a victorious day for Gawad Kalinga in Iligan City and Lanao Del Norte because the first ever GK Builders Night was on, with the theme: SERVANT LEADERSHIP, the guests speakers are Ms. Jainab Abdulmajid of GK Sulu, Governor Arturo Uy of Compostela Valley and Mari Oquinena of Gawad Kalinga, the event was also graced by the City Mayor himself Lawrence Lluch Cruz and the Governor of the first district of Lanao del Norte Gov. Khalid Dimaporo. Seeing the star-studded line up of speakers and guests was the anticipation of the great crowd who attended the event from the barangay captain’s present, fellow organizations, private citizens, church, corporations and the host school St. Michael’s College.

Nation building isn’t just building literally of “HOUSES” but the compassion to really help rebuild communities thru volunteerism and collective effort. Gawad Kalinga’s line: “Our name is our Virtue” speaks a lot of its cause to really eradicate poverty by building communities to uplift the lives of the less fortunate Filipino’s and giving them sustainable ways to improve their lives. In the local set up of St. Michael’s College, we have been building lives of young FILIPINO PATRIOTS who can rally to build communities and be an inspiration to many, every Michaelite has that GK Spirit that enables them to share with the vision and mission of GK and the school’s vision and mission in becoming servant leaders in one way or another. Servant leadership calls for a great commitment of selfless service and dedication to the mission that the almighty has bestowed upon these leaders, a leader that inspires, motivates and does things that will make great things to his constituents.

The 1st Gawad Kalinga Builders Night was a very inspiring one and it steered up every bayanis call to really be a PATRIOT. The event ended by a final blessing of Fr. Ramon Fruto.

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A Fresh Start

Its an open secret that i am already on my way out of Saint Michaels College to pursue my Postulancy with the La Salle Brothers.  I got varying degree of reactions. Some protested. Some welcomes the thought others are skeptical worse some have eye browse raised.

Yes, my friends. I am set to enter the Brothers Formation House in May 15, 2010.

The theme of SMC set for SY 2010 – 2011, BEYOND BEGINNINGS is very personal to me. I am proud to be a Michaelite nor have i the intention to leave my alma mater as it is on its way to its serious bid of becoming a University on or before 2014.

I believe what i have started in 2007 with the community extension office and how it has spurned to the way it is today is part and parcel of God’s transition plans to me.

Officially, Mr. Joseph Michael Bentoy is now being groomed and prepared to take on the challenge to steward my baby, the MOTHER IGNACIA CENTER FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.  With it are all the programs and the new programs all set to continue in making difference in Iligan City.

Beginning this June 2010, the MiCSR will transform itself from being a sheep now to a shepherd.  It is grounded on the conviction that the Center is now the leading institution for social transformation in the city of Iligan.  The Center believes in the need to ensure every social concern is taken cared of and addressed with firm resolution anchored on faith, excellence and service.

My dear Michaelites, thank you for the 3 years of great journey of fun, faith, friendship and fellowship.

May we all keep her blue and her white standard fly!

Let us pray for each other.

Till we all meet again!

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SMC named model for instruction by GK

i was privileged to join a gathering of top leaders of the education sector of the country upon the invitation of Gawad Kalinga. I never had the inkling nor the idea of what was about to happen before the event but the moment i stepped into the venue, inspite of my being big, i felt small when i was introduced to presidents and top academic scholars (you know, those with D’s attached to their names) of state and private universities and colleges all over the country.

I finally understood what was the RTD all about when Mark Lawrence Cruz gave the orientation and further expanded by Tito Tony Meloto. The RTD will be focused on three areas: Instruction, Research and Extension.

Father Ben Nebres, President of the Ateneo De Manila, started the ball rolling showcasing the outstanding and trailblazing programs and instructional innovations introduced in integrating patriotism/love of country in the Ateneo system. It was indeed best expressed in the topnotch and young graduates of Ateneo who have redefined Social Entrepreneurship.

I was so amazed of Rags To Riches. the young atenista who started it gave up a potential life in the corporate by creating a business with women of a GK community. she trained them on quality control, branding, marketing, financial and business management. the typical rags selling probably at 5 pesos along the streets became a brand, RAGS TO RICHES, and are now patronized by many of course at a competitive price. their products have won accolades both here and abroad.

Another is Hapinoy Stores. Its an innovation of a sari sari store and the 7 – 11 convenience store. the difference is that it will be in the GK communities.

After Father Ben, it was my turn to share about GK as holistic social formation. i focused my sharing on my deep and personal story with GK, the need for strong administrative leadership to effect the necessary changes in an institutions and the individuals comprising it and finally, seeing the visible changes in both the institution and the individuals. the best with GK is it became a laboratory for learning, an extension from the classroom and innovating instruction.

I was so happy to see Sister Maria Marissa Rebosura, RVM, President of St. Mary’s College of Baluiag in Bulacan. in the crowd. currently they have 100 scholars of which they are required to serve in return in the GK communities. they will not simply be there to immerse or visit but there are concrete activiities and targets they have to accomplish. nice!

the first session was with Father Ben and i were focused on instruction. the next was very intellectual but very interesting. Dr. Jose Abueva, former UP President and now President of Kalayaan College discussed about transformational leadership, governance and nation – building. i felt it was powerful for him to say that we have been building our nation in the last 100 years and our leaders have miserably failed to inspire unity in a country with social and cultural diversity.

Nation – building is nothing new. it has been a historical journey. our nation, Ka Pepe pointed out, would have stand out at par if not better like Singapore if only our leaders have clear vision and that mandates of the Constitution are made real in the various policies, programs and projects of the government.

this was further affirmed by Dean Alex Brillantes of UP NCPAG who pointed out that the academe also failed to do its part. I think he was quoting Sen. Jovito Salonga that the academe is too focused on APPROACHES no wonder why they never reach destination.

Dean Alex pointed out that where the government failed, GK succeeded. He said all principles of public administration and good governance are so real and best expressed in its operations like its programs.

He also noted that GK is local and is working. The Filipino way and is working. Catholic way and is working. Practice and application ahead of theory.

Academic institutions must continue to research for more opportunities to “deconstruct unjust structures” of society.

in the last session, focused on extension, NCST of Cavite and CLSU in Nueva Ecija presented their extension programs for GK and for other communities.

A magna carta will be pursued collectively by the participating academic institutions in ensuring LOVE OF COUNTRY is really taught and practiced in schools.

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